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The 5 Benefits of Brainstorming

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Let your creativity run free and be open to listen to other people's ideas while you get to bounce off your ideas with them too.

You must be wondering why is this topic so important? Well, we sometimes need to be reminded of something simple, yet important.

As a strategist, I'm always involved in brainstorming sessions as I work with so many different teams. Most of the time, they are people I just met. Hence, conducting brainstorms helps me to learn about the different mindsets, thought processes of the team members , whilst I manoeuvre around making sure everyone gets a chance to speak their mind and share ideas. I will then share mine, and then we connect the dots together. Brainstorming session rocks!

So let's get back to basics.

A brainstorming session is a meeting where team members can get together and come up with ideas on a certain topic or issue. It’s all about getting creative thoughts flowing without shooting down anyone’s ideas (I know we can be guilty of this, but practise the urge to resist and not judge others) and there are 5 great benefits to it. You ready to hear it? Here we go...

1. Outside Input

Inviting others into the conversation to figure out new ways of doing things allows people less familiar on the issue to speak openly about ideas they are thinking of. Not every idea is going to be great, but one idea will then lead to the next and the next.

2. Idea formation

It’s important to state ideas even if they aren’t the perfect solution because it can help make something click for someone else. Don’t worry about sounding silly when sharing your ideas (I’m an advocate of silly ideas, because it helps ‘loosen up’ rigid spaces in your thoughts’) because the concept of idea building is sharing ideas, which triggers new ideas, which creates a chain of new thoughts!

3. Breaks Routine

Have you ever felt like you have a mind block?? I know I do! Maybe sometimes you feel like there is no glaring issues to be solved, or potential fresh ideas to be discovered or implement with how things are operating in your team/ company. But with brainstorming, it not only helps with new ideas generation, BUT it also reveals improvements to be made, which you didn’t even know you needed.

4. List Generation

During a brainstorming session, there should be at least ONE person writing down those ideas. So appoint someone, or ask for a volunteer in the team to lead this. Listing down all ideas will ensure that none is lost so you and your team can take those ideas and build up in the future. Not all ideas will be applicable immediately, but it may help you think creatively for weeks or months later! Maybe for other projects for that matter..

5. Teamwork

Last but not least, it creates a team atmosphere! Remember, brainstorms don’t happen without PEOPLE. Inviting your colleagues to a session helps establish also that you are on the same team. AND you have the option to ask for help from them.

So never underestimate a brainstorming session, because I believe two brains (or more!) are always better than one. Would love to hear your thoughts! You can reach me at or Comment below and I'll reply as soon as I can.

- Ayu Adam.

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